Monday, August 30, 2010

Ah, Life

Well, a lot has changed! I have been married eight days! Crazy. I started jogging again last week after I found out my neck was okay... Hopefully I can do the Tulsa Run, but at the bare minimum the 5k... I have friends doing both, so it will be okay either way. Last week was the first week of school which means all leisure reading is gone until December :(. Also, a final on my birthday! Ugh! It's bad enough I have to have a birthday in december, much less a final! It will be worth it one day. Lots of crazy things going on that I can't quite disclose juuuust yet ;). I have a meeting at five, then after that I guess I will go out for a jog and then to Target to exchange my new ipod that was BROKE from the beginning, stupid thing. Maybe I will just duct tape my ipad to my back and jog with that? I am very light headed and am probably not making sense so I am just going to end this right.... NOW.


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