Friday, May 7, 2010

"I'm interested in opening a snow cone stand-- you HAVE to see my ice cream truck"

Sooo I got to work today at eight-- which is good because with the migraines and all lately I haven't been doing so hot and been getting to work in between 8:10-and 8:30 and that is if I make it (which 7 out of 10 times I do, not GREAT not HORRID but it's getting better). Anyways, this citizen comes in (must remain anonymous) and wants to open a snow cone stand. I pride myself on being a "nice" city planner because I can truly relate to EVERY level of ignorance. I didn't graduate highschool and go straight to planning school. No, I grew up in the boonies, went to bixby-- which is glorified boonie, and then needed a job REALLY bad found one for a planning assistant googled some stuff on it faked my way through an interview, had my resume ripped up by Mr. Hyde (sometimes I worked for Dr. Jekyle though) and didn't cry so I got the job, and learned everything thoroughly while at work and went to school for it-- so you got the long story----- I can relate to EVERY LEVEL OF IGNORANCE. Long story short the man decided he would wait until next year to do the snow cone stand because we (my new boss and I) are hoping to pass a new ordinance that would just require a vendors licence (rather than Board of Adjustment approval--if you don't know what this is, you can ask and I will explain) because it just wasn't worth the montey this late in the season. He has now been in my office for a good forty minutes. He takes all of his paperwork (first red flag, leaving no evidence), he then says " YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE MY ICE CREAM TRUCK " he has said this several times, I didn't realize it was there (I didn't have my caffeine yet). I was like I will be sure and see it sometime. He says okay 'common-- ummm why are scenes from horror movies flashing through my head??? He takes me out to the parking lot telling me how he is going to give me free ice cream, i'm 25 and I still don't believe you should take candy from strangers. He opens this ginormous van/truck with four massive freezers that can fit 20 of me in them says he is going to give me a choco taco. I am starting to freak out a little bit at this point. He opens the freezer-- they are empty. I am like " Well when ya get some ice cream I will buy some from 'ya have a great day it was nice meetin' 'ya."

The good news is after the 7 years of not living with my mother and the millions of stories on the ways I could die she has called and told me about, I finally got to call and tell her that I fell for one AND-SHE-WAS-PISSED. Oh I forgot to mention there was another person in the back of this ice cream truck when I got there-- they were alive but lord knows what was going on.

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  1. Okay, my mother read this blog (by the way I am a strong believer that you only call your mom mother if you were abused OR if you are speaking about her in a blog-- see how I did that haha) and she said "why did you say that you moved out of your mothers house?" Well, MOM probably because I wrote the blog at like midnight and I was just thinking of the millions of times you called me telling me all the ways I could die from watching too much A&E. So moved out of my whole families dwelling (this included a mother, a father and two brothers that are very likely to end up like the ice cream man). The end.