Monday, July 19, 2010

It's been a minute!

I wish I had something amazingly impressive to report, but I don't. The summer has rushed by with work, school, dr.'s appointments, and, FINALLY, some fun reading (this would include reading that is NOT for school).

My work computer is broke-- so I am on my laptop at work, which really doesn't help me much as alllll my doc's are on the other computer. John and I are trying to work on wedding stuff-- but it always seems like a million other things come up. School Starts back on August 26th, and of course I am glad for that.

Tomorrow is the first City Council meeting I have had to present at in about six months. I am actually a little nervous as I never have so much "down" time at work. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong.

NO summer vacation :( -- I WILL MAKE UP FOR IT NEXT YEAR!!!!!!

I would totally recommend reading "The Lost Girls" -- true story and is a great book!

Other than that, my life is a bore as of right now.


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