Sunday, April 11, 2010

Things I have learned

Some of these I learned the easy way, but most of them I learned the hard way! Others I think are just common sense and courtesy!

No matter how grumpy an old person is you should ALWAYS help them!

The simplest of kind acts can have the largest rewards

If you don't work on making yourself a better person, then you are missing out on most of life

If you are always "comfortable" then you are not living

Self pity is okay to an extent-- after a certain period you need to put your big boy/girl pants on and suck it up and deal with it! There are people who have it a lot worse than any of us could even fathom!

Charity is not only good for those in need, it's good for your soul

A simple smile can change someone's complete opinion of you

Same goes for a handshake-- if you have a limp handshake, well lets just say it isn't good

You can learn something from nearly everyone

Always give your seat up for a person who is disabled, pregnant, a soldier, or elderly

SAVE FOR RETIREMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that as young people we don't ever think we will be old, but if all goes well we will!

The only factor in someone liking you is if they think that you like them (courtesy of Mr. Urich)

Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want!

This one I am probably going to get made fun of for-- but why not use a coupon? I mean if you have to have it, why not save money? I mean really, how much time does it really cost you?

Don't just throw your change away-- put it in a piggy bank! I have one in my office that ends up full about every six months and on average I get about 500 dollars out of it!

People judge you in about 10 seconds, make your first impression a good one! It takes years to convince people otherwise-- you do the math

I really love Etsy

Do not impulse buy! Think about it... if you still think you need it after a few days, then go for it

We all have friends, a lot of us like magazines, why not each person by one then pass it around-- that is like 20 bucks a month saved!

Turn the water off when you brush your teeth-- water is a finite resource!

Turn the lights off if you aren't using them! It's a waste of money and energy!

Please bathe... I know this costs money but stinking is not good for anyone

Read a book that can't be read by a first grader! Twilight is fine for entertainment, but pick up something that you might actually learn from

Be deferential-- just because you think it should be a certain way doesn't mean everyone does-- why fight about it?

I will add to this several times I am sure

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