Monday, April 12, 2010


It would be a complete fallacy to say that Mr. Urich came up with allll of these ideas on his own. I will, however, say that he is the only person I have met that put the information together in such a way that it stuck (for more information on making information stick, please read Made to Stick, this is not taught in Andy's class). This section will eventually snowball into most of the information I learned from this person, but that will take time (especially since he was especially A.D.D. and clearly not medicated for the purpose).

First: Are you a strawhead?

I am going to answer this for you-- I know most of my readers, and you are (I love you all but we have to deal in reality here)

Steps to not being a strawhead:

Don't buy dvd's-- how many times do you really watch them!? If you say more than once either A. you are lying; or b. You need to get off your butt and do something rather than watch something!

Magazines-- waste of money!!! Read it online, FOR FREE!

Do you really need to eat out 5 nights a week? Take a look at your bank account and see how much money you are spending on "impulse" decisions. Impulse decisions do not only include eating out, but also the following:
-the chapstick in the checkout aisle
-the candy bar in the checkout aisle
-don't buy a new shirt, wash and iron yours! (okay, Andy didn't say this but I really used to do this-- see I am no better, okay I am now but I wasn't!)
-Stupid piddly charges like the 9 dollars for sirius, or the 20 dollars for tanning (by the way that kills you), oh and if you go tanning you HAVE TO HAVE THE LOTION because that is going to send a bubble around your body to protect you from the future mutation of your cells (doubtful folks)... I could really go on a tangent here, but I won't
-You maybe watch one show on HBO, is it worth the fee every month?
-Warranties, you still have to pay a premium-- how much do you pay a month for a warranty??? WAY MORE THAN THE CRAP YOU ARE BREAKING! Sorry car salesmen and best buy workers :)
-soda pop, if you must drink it, buy it and bring it to work! It is literally sugar water and it's not good for you either, try tea!
-Bring your lunch, it's better for you and cheaper-- THIS SHOULD NOT BE SUBSTITUTED FOR NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES!!!!!
-READ! But don't buy a new hard back book everytime. Think about it, do you "know" the book more because it sits on a shelf? Go to a used book store, no one will judge you! A book is a book is a book is a book. Unless it's Twilight, which does not count because that is basically teenage rambling.

This will be continued later on... please see the coupon blog on how to save you some $$$

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