Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Weekend

So, if any of my whopping four followers decide to read this (and then the random ghost readers that refuse to follow me but I know read this because I can see how many hits there are) are wondering why I didn't post all weekend here is why-- I am a nutcase. That is right-- I agree to cover three shifts at my aunts pub on Cherry Street in Tulsa. Isn't it funny how when people ask you to do something two months in advance the person in you doesn't think that the person in you two months from then will care? Well she did, and she almost died! Okay, maybe not literally. Anyways, so I got off work at five on friday. Went home took a little nap got, got up went into Empire at 8:30-- worked until two. Of course it would be just about one of the busiest nights EVER. But Joel, Bean and myself did do pretty well so we were happy. Saturday I went in at 8:30, deadest night ever-- at least I wasn't running around so much! Sunday-- healthy happy hour and enjoyable shift with some of my favorite regulars! I miss working that shift. All in all it was a good weekend and my "kiss my ass" fund is growing exponentially! I will continue to pick up shifts until the openings have been filled (a couple of people are exiting).

PS... the sites "god" e-mailed me yesterday, and it would be polite of you visitors to leave some comments!


  1. What happened to Dallas? BTW your most recent coupon post is monstrous.

  2. You now have 5 readers!! (the crowd cheers) How on earth did you make time to post all those deals!? You are one dedicated girl. I can't wait to get my sunday paper now....