Friday, April 16, 2010

Rare form!

I woke up this lovely morning, a lovely Friday morning with yet the same migraine. It hurt to blink, yes, blink. I got in the shower-- I took my sweet time. I called the doctor and explained that I didn't think it would be safe to take lortab at work and she said I could come pick something safer up at her office, so that is what I did. Came back home and got dressed for work. While on my way to work I was listening to my music, just like any other drive to work--- WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN A HUUUUUGE ROCK LIKE SOMETHING COMES AND HITS THE CRAP OUT OF MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brand new car! So yep, my brad new car needs a brand new bumper. I can find the humor in this-- things of this nature do seem to attract me. I went for my typical medicinal cure-- a good 'ole coca cola... WHAT?! IT TASTES LIKE PENNIES?!??! Damn new migraine medicine makes my coca-cola tastes like pennies?!?! So here I sit, with a broken bumper and no coke-- I sound like a Amy Winehouse trying to sing a country song. Until later, ciao.

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