Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Must Haves for Fall!!!!!

Okay, if you know me, then you KNOW my favorite season is fall!!!!!! I love it! Always have. I love summer, too, but not quite as much. For some reason it seems like all of my senses are alerted in the fall-- I actually want to be better, read more, write more, cook more, work out more, decorate more, well everything more! Anyways, without any further anticipation, this is my must-haves for fall:

1. Leggings (seriously, LOVE them!)
2. Jeggings (which are really just leggings that are denim, but I will just put them as their own item)
3. A great rasberry colored lipstick/gloss which ever you prefer
4. A great eyeliner (I didn't specify color because I am liking the dark purple's for the blue or green eyes but I wear black a lot, too, so it just depends)
5. Long sweaters or cardigans (to go over the leggings/jeggings, duh)
6. great cami's for layering under those sweaters and cardigans
7. FLANNEL PJ'S! (please, don't wear these in public-- have some class!)
8. Some great reading material! I have several suggestions, if you want I can make a list! Just contact me on facebook or here or whatever.
9. A great pair of black, red and nude heals
10. A great pair of boots
11. If you went to college, or even if you didn't but have a team, must have a great vintage inspired t-shirt to wear to work :)
12. some great nail polish! I am liking the reds, orangy's and greyish purples and MAGENTA/FUSCHIA!
13. A good cookbook (or at least some good recipe's to swap with friends)
14. Scarves! For fall, I like the bamboo cotton ones by etched that I have from last season-- but they are putting the same ones out this season (a local brand!)
15. Some chai tea
16. Hairspray-- static!
17. sorry, but I like spray tans
18. A place to work out, no matter what kind of working out it is
19. some christmas gifts for people so you aren't behind when it rolls around!
20. A gift for me for my birthday in December :) haha
21. and a list of randoms that didnt make the top 20-- a nude lip stick, a great handbag that is fall appropriate, a thermal mug so you don't have to waste your money at starbucks everyday, and if I left anything important out put a comment up with it in it!

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