Wednesday, July 21, 2010


How many things can go wrong at once?! I checked the status of my AICP application today-- it was received, but my undergrad university sent the graduate transcript, not the undgrad transcript. My common sense would tell me "hmm the person is clearly in grad school, this means they did, in fact, complete undergraduate" but no that is not how society works anymore. NO COMMON SENSE! Being a strong believer in survival of the fittest and darwinism and etc... I just feel like everyone is getting dumber by the day-- and this could very well include myself but I am just so dumb I don't even know it yet.

To even further complications, in my Shape magazine this month,all the models are fatter than me-- way to motivate me to get off my ass. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the honesty, but that isn't why I bought the magazine. If I wanted some hardcore honestly I could have just logged on and checked the U.S. defecit and started planning my escape to Canada or Austrailia where they do absolutely nothing and it seems to work out for them. In fact, while in Europe and Australian was mocking America (while I understand as Bushwacker was president and the whole economy basically fell into a huge hole that my generation won't even be able to climb it's way back out of)... but at the same time it is like what the hell did you ever do? I asked in more polite terms, he was a car salesman-- maybe mediocrity is the cure? I mean if the classical philosophers are correct and happiness, does indeed, lie in moderation then maybe we should only be moderately successful. Okay, who I am kidding-- that won't work for my life but hopefully it helped someone.

Then last night, while discussing our wedding, my fiance is like let's just elope blah blah blah. I AM INDECISIVE DO NOT GIVE ME MORE OPTIONS! I don't think people understand my personality... I try way to hard to be perfect thus fail completely but the attempt is still exhausting so if you put a million options in front of me the only result will be a nervous breakdown. BOTTOM LINE: There will be a wedding, we decided and I am too tired to keep going back and forth on the issue, the end :) Love you!

I also currently have two cell phones-- I hate AT&T and will be aborting their cause as soon as my contract is up, until then, two cell phones. This is also complicated because how many phones can a girl have in her office?!

Good news, I get to keep my gall bladder I found out. Just take some medicine, actually eat three times a day, and chill out and I should be fine. Seems reasonable, but I am worried about the chilling out part. As much as I wish I had that hippie-chic attitude, I just don't.

I am reading a book called Lost Girls, it makes escaping life and traveling the world sound like a great idea. Unfortunately, I own things that force me to stay state side for at least half of the year. I suppose that is another perk of NY, you can't afford anything so you can just up and leave anytime? I realize that was a statement, but I am really confused why anyone would do that-- but then again I am clearly not normal.

My 33lb cat has taken a liking to sleeping on my head-- this is a problem as he is 1/3 of my body weight and well it is my head. Not to mention he is gnarly-- not really gnarly he is just a boy and boys-- across animal lines-- are just gross :).

Then there is this question of blogging: I still feel nuts that I sit here and write to, quite possibly, no one. It's like journaling but hoping that someone finds it?

NEW PICTURE OF THE DAY ASSUMING THE COMPUTER WORKS ! (Eventually I will load current pics on here-- most of these are six months old or so). This was the Napoli Coast in Kauai and it is more gorgeous in person. It really could have been a better picture, but to be frank the ship mates took a liking to my cousin and I and made sure our wine glasses were filled at all time (although quite a bit of it was spilled on each other due to waves) apparently plenty made it to our mouths because the day (while a blast) is a tad bit of a blur and I didn't even feel getting MAULED by a portoguese man-of-war jellyfish (yes those can kill you). Moral of the story, drink before swimming bc the alcohol slows the venom and peeing is a myth!

Cheers Mates!

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