Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ohhh Europe...

It is quickly creeping upon my two year anniversary from my first love affair with Europe, and I miss it so. I loved everything about that crazy, hectic continent! While two weeks is not NEARLY enough time to see Scotland, England and France-- we did our damndest! I miss all the sidewalk cafe's, the people going to and from work, the public transportation (yes, I miss the public transportation), I miss the diversity, the old buildings, the large trees in their numerous parks, the fountains, the stone work, the charcter-- I don't miss the food. If given the opportunity, I would move there in a heartbeat (assuming my quality of life would remain near the same, obviously a huge paycut would not convince me to move-- I would just visit). THEN! YESTERDAY! I got a verbal that my AICP exam information would be approved and I get to take the test to be certified in something other than insanity! THIS COULD BE MY CHANCE TO BREAK OUT OF THIS COUNTRY! Don't get me wrong, I love America-- I just like a lot of places more :). Oh man, the SHOES! Those Europeans know their shoes! Is it so bad that, perhaps, a portion of my quality of life does include shoes? In fact, I have thought about the potential to go abroad and how I would get my shoes over there... I mean some can go but there are A LOT of keepers in the closet! Decisions, decisions.

In other news, I went to the neurologist and she is referring me back to the neurosurgeon that did my back surgery when I was a kid (THANK GOD!)... I have only been trying to get into him for like 2 months and with her referral I am in! This did mean that I did go to the doctor today which means that upon arriving back to work I was treated like a red headed step child (nothing against red heads--okay I lied, I am sorry if you have red hair ~scott, I still love you with your disability). I can't understand why co-workers get sooo upset if you go to the doctor? People have issues.

In other news, tomorrow is payday which is good. I get to take the AICP exam, which is good. I have been asked to serve another two year term on the Executive Board for OKAPA, which I am not sure about haha but okie dokie I guess if there is a need I will do it. I still have yet to finish my paper for summer school, this is not good. John may have to go edit tonight, also not good. I found my fuschia handbag, which is great! Because I work for the government, after 120 payments on student loans the government will pay the rest back! That is awesome!

And now for the picture of the day! I will stick with the European theme-- My grandmother and I, in Paris, in front of Moulin Rouge!

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